About Us




Campus Images is a Media Solutions Company started by Mr. C. Seetharaman who is the Founder and CEO of this organization. Mr. C. Seetharaman has a very vast experience in the Engineering, Software, Media and Production Industries. His vast experience is inclusive of all aspects of his entrepreneurial skills set both in Real Time Media Production.

In the year 2000, Campus Images started its Media services. Campus Images have clients in various countries in Media Production, Film Making, Graphics, Media, Animation and VFX. Each division have a separate entity to serve the clients with the best quality of technology to ensure the world class quality. The Production team have vast experienced technology knowledge with the latest trends and updates.

In the year 2005, Campus Images started a new domain in Editing & VFX field. The legend Cinematographer Mr. P.C. Sreeram opened this division. As Pioneers in Film Industry, Campus Images started establishing in all areas related to Film & Media. Our production house have the production capacity to produce various programmes like Film, Television commercials, documentaries, corporate Video Productions, advertisements, TV Spots, promotional films, feature films, cinematographic films. We have separate team for Direction, Script, Camera work and editing to complete the projects in the time frame fixed by our clients. A Separate division established for making animation, cartoon, visual EFX and all post production work. Production support is offered with a high standard of professionalism and client care.

Now, Yumi Productions is been established in 2015 in USA & CANADA by Shri C.Seetharaman.We are a network of professional media personals, professional film-makers working on specific creative visual projects.

The objective of our work is the creative and technical realisation of projects in the field of audio-visual media. In brief: we design, film & implement your ideas and visions.

In recent years, we have created a broad basis of success through our experience in scenic work with actors, in the implementation of visual concepts in Commercials, Corporate Films industrial Presentations and music films, in the representation of high-quality retail, fashion & FMCG Product Brands & in the flexible design of TV Productions.