Data translation

  • Parametric modelling
  • 2D & 3D detailing
  • Design
  • Product feasibility
  • Dimensional engineering

Design Alternatives

  • Color and Trim
  • Shape Optimization
  • Surfacing
  • 3D CAD Surface Layout
  • Dimensional Concepts

Functional Requirements

  • Surface Analysis
  • Reverse Engineering


IronCAD is committed to bring the power of 3D into each and every industry. Students easily acquire the 3D tools necessary for that process to take place. IronCAD is the tool of teaching design principles rather than how to operate one specific CAD system. IronCAD represents the mix of power and usability. Even though have access to major CAD systems, including CATIA, Unigraphics, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge and Solid works, Iron CAD remains the primary. IronCAD advances Windows ® based mechanical engineering into the realm of innovative solid modeling. A radical new drag and drop 3D environment and an advanced visual approach make anyone fast and effective in creating and modifying designs. Iron Cad’s unique architecture and patented technologies enable all collaborators to confidently share in a concurrent design process without regard to who build the model, how it was created, or which CAD system was used. With all the features expected of a production produce development tool, and more importantly those features unique to Iron CAD, mechanical engineers are embracing a revolution.

WMM – Working Model Motion

Design Simulation Technologies develops, markets, and supports software products used by students, educators, and professionals to learn and teach physics principles and to use these principles to build virtual models of mechanical designs. College students use Working model to understand how mechanical systems work and perform without building physical models. Professional Engineers use our Working Model 2D, Motion, to build virtual prototypes of their mechanical designs and use these prototypes to evaluate performance.