Media Production

Media Production

SAI Media Productions is a Production Division of Campus images which caters to the Television, Theatre and Corporate video markets in India and Abroad, by doing Ad Films, Corporate Films, Documentaries, Short Film, Internet Films and Product Profiles, Medical Films and A.Vs(Audio-Visuals).

Our Production Division believes in creating visions and not just mechanical technological outputs, our divisions core strength lies in understanding the need for the client and creating a simple, innovative and cost effective visual content second by second, this visual is not just an output but a visual energy which can tap people's passion and emotion at 24 frames per second.


TV Serials

1. Paid Pilots (Overseas) Episodes (3, 7, 11, 22, 26Mins)
2. Limited Animations 3. Classic Animations
4. Stylised Animations.

Movie 2D Effects

1. Complete Cartoon Sequence 2. Combination of Live and 2D Animations
3. Rotoscoping Animations 4. 2D Effects2 D Titling Animations

Music Video

1. Complete 2D Album 2. Live and 2D animations
3. 2D sequence

TV Commercials

1. Commercials 2. Complete 2D & 3D Ad
3. Live and 2D animations Ad for Consumer products

TV Fillers

1. Corporate Videos 2. Web Animations
3. CD Rom Animations 4. HD Marriage cinema